The legendary Turin arcades

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Visiting Turin you can’t miss a long walk under the legendary¬†monumental Turin arcades. The center of Turin has 18 kilometers of arcades , of which 12.5 are also interconnected: it is the city with the largest pedestrian area in Europe.

It seems that King Vittorio Emanuele I of Savoy ordered to build 2 kilometers of arcades from the Royal Palace to Piazza Vittorio Veneto, so that the real could walk down to the Po river without getting wet, even when it rained.

Today, the arcades of Turin are paved with different styles, from the gray stone of the Via Po. to the marble of the Via Roma and they are a practice shed for all the shop windows underlying; an urban project, architectural, aesthetic and socio-economic of unique beauty.

Walking under the arcades it is easy to be enchanted by the beauty of some paved, coffered ceilings, some rows of columns, and just a door opened, the gaze slips in the halls of historic buildings, some of which may simply leave you breathless.

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