The Dear Italy project


We are young and proud to be Italian,

we love Italy, the country where we was born and with a great passion we collect, select and publish informations that may be useful to those who wish to discover Italy, its beautiful landscapes, its rich colors, its smells delicious, the famous Italian foods and wines, in short our whole culture. This website in a sense is also a tribute to Italy, which proudly seeks to counter the recent economic crisis, rediscovering their ancient values ​​and the secular precious Italian culture.

In our website you will find many articles describing places to visit in Italy, regional recipes and traditional dishes of the Italian cuisine, fairs or more generally events more or less known, but also interesting travel ideas and a small selection of accommodation that we recommend you to visit for your breaks.

As this is not a strictly commercial site, we believe that it can have sufficient independence to transmit values, culture and true information, but if you felt inadequate or incomplete certain posts, we invite you to comment on them in order to complete or correct those information. With great pleasure we also invite you to ask explicitly for the publication of articles on particular topics you would like further information: we will collect material about it and after having carried out the appropriate analyzes, we will publish them for the benefit of all our visitors.

In other words we try to be “healthy” carriers of Italian culture.

You are welcome in Italy: enjoy Dear Italy and leave your comments.