The Sanctuary of the Consolata


The Sanctuary is located in the homonymous “Piazza della Consolata” and is the spiritual heart of Turin. Much loved by the whole city, the Madonna of Consolata has an extraordinary story, even if there are documents missing from the early centuries. Piazza della Consolata was already included in the first core of the Roman city and here in the fifth century was the church of St. Andrew, used to venerate an icon of the Virgin Mary brought from the East. Such images are now lost, but thanks to a miracle, was found: a blind man, who came from Briançon (France), recovered his sight while searching it. It was on June 20, 1104. Every year since then, that event is celebrated with a procession very important in Turin.


This church is very beautiful, thanks to Filippo Juvarra and Guarino Guarini, the undulating curves typical of the Baroque have standardized interventions successive in time. A peculiarity is made up of a large number of ex-voto paintings by hand, a sign of gratitude that through the centuries the people of Turin has proven to his beloved protectress.

Recently, it also seems to be the most popular destination among tourists visiting the city. To see where is the Sanctuary of the Consolata view the map of Churches in Turin

Facing the sanctuary, in the same square, you can taste the “bicerin”, a typical hot beverage of Turin (similar to a capuccino), right in the historic coffee “Al bicerin” (There located since 1763)


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