The National Automobile Museum

Turin, the Italian capital of automobiles

From its industry to design, from design to engineering, from research centres to production. Automobiles are not only seen as a phenomenon based on production, but also as a cultural and social mark, enhanced and expressed by the new look of the Museum.

The Museum recently renewed, offers visitors one of the rarest and most interesting collections of this kind ever exhibited: almost 200 original automobiles produced by 80 different brands, ranging between 1769 and 1996. In over 19,000 square metres of exhibition area, the museum explores the history of automobiles and also the events of culture and society by taking you on a journey made up of language and heritage that has never been seen before.

The museum: 70 years of history

The National Automobile Museum was established in Torino in 1932, brainchild of two pioneers of the Italian world of motors, Cesare Goria Gatti and Roberto Biscaretti di Ruffia, standing among the oldest Automobile Museums in the world. Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia (Roberto’s son) indissolubly linked his name to the Automobile Museum: he was actually the one who had the idea of starting its first collection, worked hard for its creation and incessantly searched to find the right location for its premises. In 1956, A.N.F.I.A. (Associazione Nazionale fra Industrie Automobilistiche ed Affini) along with the Agnelli Family, in accordance with the Municipality of Turin, decided to support the construction of its permanent headquarters in Unità d’Italia avenue. By an official deed in February 22 1957, Torino’s Automobile Museum was founded. Its historical headquarters, on the left bank of the river Po, not very far from the Lingotto plant, were designed by the architect Amedeo Albertini. The building, whose construction started in April 1958 and finished in the autumn of 1960, represents a rare example of modern architecture. The museum was officially opened on November 3 1960 and was named after its first President, Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia.

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