Finanziera: a fine delicacy from Piedmont

finanziera - piedmont

The Finanziera is a very old traditional plate of Piedmont.

According to tradition, was born in the eighteenth century in the west of Piedmont as a poor men’s plate that used the less noble parts of slaughtered animals and the entrails, which were left to those who performed the slaughter and immediately cooked, prepared and consumed.
According to some, this plate was also offered by the peasants to the revenue officers, whose jacket inspired the name. In nineteenth century in Piedmont the Finanziera became a widespread and elegant plate, served in important lunches as the wedding or the celebrations. Today it is a real treat for lovers of offal and entrails.

It can be served on its own or as an accompaniment to a risotto or a vegetables flan.
The Finanziera goes very well with a red wine as a Nebbiolo d’Alba.

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