Sestriere, the main skiing resort in Piedmont



Sestriere sits at the heart of one of Europes biggest ski areas known as Via Lattea and it is also one of the few resorts where it is possible to ski at night on a floodlit run.



Sestriere offers world class pistes at a high technical level immersed in natural beauty; it regularly hosts Alpine Ski World Cup events but its biggest moment came when it was chosen as the centre for the alpine events in the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympics, hosting all the men’s alpine skiing competitions and being the site of one of the three Olympic Villages.
The two hotel towers that dominate the skyline have become the symbol of the village. They were built in the 1930s by FIAT’s founder Giovanni Agnelli to provide a holiday retreat for the workers in the FIAT factory down in Turin.


But Sestriere today isn’t just a winter resort: in the summer it is possible to play golf on Europe’s highest 18-hole course and more recently it has seen a huge increase in the number of mountain bikers coming out to sample the slopes without the snow. Sestriere is part of the Alpi bike resort which offers a concentrated mix of some of the best riding in Europe.

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